Review: Making Him Wait – Kay Jaybee

Making Him Wait is the new release from Kay Jaybee, fabulous erotic author of some brilliant smut.

The gorgeous Joe over at Sweetmeats Press asked me to review the novel and I was very honoured to be sent a complimentary copy of the book in return for my honest opinion.

Making Him Wait

Maddie Templeton has always been an unconventional artist. Themes of submission and domination pulse through her erotic artwork, and she’s happily explored these lustful themes both on and off the canvas.
But, when Theo Hunter enters her life, she is presented with a new challenge. Maddie sets out to test his resolve as she teases, torments and toys with him. However, as Maddie drives Theo to breaking point, she soon becomes unsure whether her own resolve will hold out!
At the same time, Maddie must put on the exhibition of a lifetime. As the hottest gallery in town clamours for her best work, Maddie pushes her models harder and higher until they are physically, sexually and emotionally exhausted. Will Maddie’s models continue to submit to her, or will she push them too far? And will she be ready for the exhibition in time?
The only way to find out is to wait and see…and the waiting only makes it sweeter!

Kay Jaybee has managed to write a novel that literally ouses sex, Dominance and submission from beginning to end, and yet, I have just finished reading and I am desperate for the next couple of chapters!

This book is very clever. The main characters and the supporting cast are (literally) painted and yet they evolve and emerge as the story progresses, filling the pages with unexpected plots-twists and grenades (thanks @miss_rosie ;)) to become new and exciting pawns moving through the carefully crafted game Kay Jaybee sets out through Maddie and Theo, her main characters.

Theo, her leading man is both so very believably written, a tradesman, who starts out as a proper ‘lad’ who is thrown into this game unwittingly, however not unwillingly. His journey, along with Maddie’s, leads the pair through unexpected turns for each character, exploring their desires, passion and resolve…!

The book is set against the backdrop of Maddie’s erotic atwork and an impending exhibition. I absolutely loved the way that the tempo of the book seems to match the speed with with Maddie is having to work, although I have to say, I would switch my job with her’s, or her model’s in a heatbeat, if only I could draw, or sit still…..!😉

Much of the book takes place within the same four walls, however it is never dull, nor even similar to the previous chapter. The plot manouevres around the artwork and sexual tension and desires of the characters brilliantly, with the nature of the paintings, and the poses often becoming blurred with the reality of the erotic encounters. I found the book incredibly imaginative, especially on the artistic front, both drawn, painted, bound and photographed!

What I also really enjoyed about the novel was that the whole book was, as described on the front cover, Erotica told on a canvas of baondage and discipline, however very differently to a lot of the BDSM erotica I read there was very little pain play. The sex is enticingly written and made me ponder (more than once) whether the author is herself a Dominatrix, submissive or a switch as the layers of humiliation and psychological aspects of BDSM were so billiantly conveyed without the need to resort to physical acts of BDSM. The final two scenes had me squirming, as the characters submitted to many things on many levels and with anticpation of what was ‘promised’.

You can read the opening scenes from the novel over at KD Grace’s site….

Further extracts to whet your apetite can be found here over at Sweetmeats website.

I would fully recommend that you all go and buy Making Him Wait, a 5 star novel…. When is the second book out?!

Lily xxx

Author Bio:

If you need to find me on any weekday morning, then I’m usually to be found in the far corner of my favourite cafe, with a large black coffee in one hand, and a ballpoint pen in the other. I spend each and every morning immersed in thoughts of all things kinky, thoroughly enjoying the fact that my fellow caffeine sippers have no idea what I’m writing.

Kay JaybeeThe locals all assume I’m either studying for another degree, virtuously writing children’s stories, or am deeply engrossed in the world’s longest shopping list.

The way I make a living is a constant source of surprise to me, as I should really be stowed away in a dusty university library somewhere, making some use of my collection of degrees, writing learned papers on Medieval England. I swear that at no point on the suggested careers list I was given at university did it say, “This girl should write erotica”…

After seven years of compiling novels, short stories, poems, and reviewing other peoples work, I can say without doubt, that there is NO going back for me. Once writing has you in its power you are at its mercy for life. It doesn’t pay well, it leads to constant disappointment, and it takes over every other thing you do – but when the publisher says “Yes,” and the occasional unexpected royalty cheque arrives in the post, it suddenly all seems worthwhile, and I LOVE IT!!

Find Kay over at her website

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You can find her list of available books here 

I’m off to read The Perfect Submissive… It is burning a very large hole in my kindle as we speak!

With my thanks to Sweetmeats Press for the chance to read this fabulous novel, mwah! xxx

A (belated) Happy New Year!

Well quite frankly it is high time I pulled my finger out of my arse and published some more smut over here!

I know it is January the 3rd, I am late late late… Tell me something I don’t know! I blame GIMP for confusing me for days!
I wanted to write this on NYE, however it already seems to be Thursday *sigh*
I don’t want to bore you to death, however it has been a very busy year for Lily and it seems a shame not to say thank you to you lot for reading my musings!

I have re-discovered this year that I am useless without a deadline. Also that you CAN do anything you put your mind to, however you can NOT do everything. With this said, I admit, attempting NaNo this year, in amongst the hoards of other projects and everyday life was probably not my best plan. However, I WILL be practicing my speed typing all year in preparation for next year!
Well done to @Squeakattack for managing to finish her novel – I am looking forward to beta-ing when the time comes! Her last year’s Nano just landed in my inbox making me feel even more guilty for not writing myself!

I have also re-discovered my love of reading. I have made some brilliant erotic writing friends on twitter and been privileged to beta @Shelby_Cross ‘s novel Inside the Hotel Bentmoore prior to it’s release. My name is published! Thanks Shelby! Next step, my name on my writing😉.

I have also been privileged to be asked by Joe at @SweetmeatsPress to read and review two of their New Releases;
Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless
And Making Him Wait by Kay Jaybee – which dear readers is scheduled to post this week after the madness of the festive period has passed! Thank you Joe🙂 I have very much enjoyed the novels and look forward to reading more Sweetmeat Smut!

Amazingly I have also been asked to write a regular column for Singles Warehouse XXX site- Keep an eye on my twitter and facebook feeds for new posts, alternatively hop over to the XXX blog right now to see what the SWSexperts have been up to!

Right that is enough self promotion… Oh just one last thing! If you are reading this over at Smutty Mummy then you might be missing out on my regular (ever hopeful) stories and reviews which are now housed over at Miss Lily’s Pad.

Happy (belated) New Year!

Lily xxx

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Lily xxx

Wicked Wednesday: Gripped by Sir’s Email

Whilst I was at work this morning my BlackBerry began flashing its little red light at me. I saw the email was from Sir, a quiver of excitement flickered through me.

“My Little Lily,

Thank you for the picture you sent me this morning. Your beautiful full tits bound like that was such a pleasant way to start my day. I only wish that I could have been the one to tightly wrap that rope around them, coiling it tightly and watching as they began to turn that beautiful purple hue.

Distance may prevent me from reaching you in person just yet but I still want to push you, help you to grow, to find yourself as a submissive, as my submissive. I want you to feel my presence, know I am with you, I am yours to lean upon. In return I want to know that you will do anything for me without question. I want to earn your trust. I want you to know I own you, even if it is a small part of your heart and mind for now. I want it to be evident in every step you take.

I know that you need me to do this for you, my little slut. You want to feel used and small, dirty and ashamed. You want to do it because you want to make me proud, and Lily, because you know I understand how you tick, what makes you wet, what leaves you fearful, what you desire more than anything but can not bring yourself to ask for.

I know that deep down your desire to submit to me will allow you to perform each task I set you, not because I want you to do it, however because you wish to please me. Your desire to submit will allow you the courage to accept that this is who you are, that your feelings do not make you weaker, only stronger as a person for being able to admit and act upon them.

Eventually, my lusty slut, I hope to have you kneel before me, of your own volition and have me collar you, claim you as my property before I debase you and have you squirm at my feet, my filthy little whore.
I want to hear you whimper and beg to swallow my cum. I want you to be my good little girl, I want to be proud of you. I want to hear you beg me to allow you to finally orgasm by my hand, for that long awaited and hopefully deserved release.

Now I know that you have been waiting for today’s task. Take yourself to the bathroom. Unbutton your blouse and remove each breast from your bra. tease your nipples, twist them, bring them to your mouth and lick them. Then remove the grips you undoubted have in you hair and fix one to each nipple.
Send me a picture of your breasts tortured, nipples aching to be teased further.
Then return to your desk until you hear from me again. You do not have permission to remove the hairgrips, nor to touch yourself until you hear from me.

I am very busy today. I can not tell when I will find a moment in which to email you. However I can tell you the thought of your nipples hard and aching will ensure my meetings are a lot more interesting.

Enjoy your day.

E x”

As I left my desk, my knickers clung to me, my juices slick, nipples like bullets before I had even begun.

I completed Sir’s task to the letter.

I sent him this email, the title simply,
‘Gripped with anticipation’.

Gripped with anticipation (Image courtesy of Ginger Black Fox)

Gripped with anticipation (Image courtesy of Ginger Black Fox)

Come on, be WICKED!

Come on, be WICKED!

Wicked Wednesday: The Work Wank

Welcome to #WickedWednesday hosted over at Rebel’s Notes.
I was inspired at the last minute! This is actually a little story which has bubbled around in my brain for a little while, but Rebel’s prompt brought it back to the surface!


The office buzzed with activity.
For some reason this month had seen the new referrals to the small team triple and Ellie was up to her neck in paperwork, phone calls and mending the unreliable old photocopier every time she needed to use it.
By lunchtime she realised that she was fighting a losing battle. Her colleagues left her quietly rocking to and fro at her desk, clutching her cold coffee from 10am which was still awaiting attention as well as the stack of admin.
Ellie could feel the tension rising in her body as she waded through the mountain of work. Stress always had a funny effect upon her. Maybe it was the adrenaline it produced, maybe it was the thought of being in trouble if she missed her deadline, she wasn’t really sure. However whatever the catalyst, it made her pussy tingle and clench, it was totally distracting.
Running her fingers along the seam of her trousers it begged to be stroked. She could feel the dampness of her knickers as they clung to her skin. Spinning round in her office chair she checked the door was closed. The deserted office was still.
Stealthily she unbuttoned her trousers, loosening them just enough for her hand to snake into the moistening folds. Gently she traced the outline of her labia as she nervously glanced at the windows and back at the door.
Slowly her fingers dipped into the slick pool forming between her leg, her hand sliding along her slit, teasing her clit. This was certainly danger wank territory, she smirked.
Ellie jumped as the phone on her desk rang. Deciding to ignore it her fingers rubbed harder, urgency building as she considered the consequences of her boss returning early.
She felt the stirring of her orgasm quickly, fueled by her own mind fuck, daring to wank at her desk. Thrusting her fingers into her pussy Ellie felt the wetness cover her knuckles. She could smell her arousal as she caressed her self to the edge. Slowing her fingers, she brought herself to climax her favorite way, teasing her own body and delaying that perfect imminent moment. As her cunt began to contract she buried them deep inside herself. She exhaled through the strong surges as her orgasm burnt through her core, melting away the tension and absorbing the stress from her mind.
Opening her eyes she quickly scanned the office and the windows clocking her boss approaching. As she quickly re-buttoned herself she sucked her juices from her fingers, tongue lingering tasting her own sweetness, her lips smacking as she removed them from her mouth.
Ellie returned to the paperwork as her colleagues clattered back into the room, filling the quiet space with energy.
‘Weren’t you hungry Ellie?’ Asked her boss.
“Not really, I had a little snack, I’m satisfied,” she replied, hiding her giggles under her loose brunette locks.


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